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Release Week Review and Giveaway! CAPTURED by Jennifer Chance (Gowns & Crowns #2)


About Captured:
Author: Jennifer Chance
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Release Date: January 19, 2016
Series: Gowns & Crowns #2
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Length: 207 Pages
ISBN: 9781943768066


For beautiful, pampered Lauren Grant, the idea of love without strings is a fairy tale and a trap. Though she’s skillfully maintained her image as the carefree celebutante, for years she’s been systematically stalked by the richest—and most ruthless—golden boy of the Jet Set. To stay one step ahead, she’s used every resource at her disposal. But now, stuck in Garronia with the whole world watching, she’s finally cornered by her nemesis, with no way out.

Well, no way out but one: the stubborn, forceful, impossibly gorgeous captain of the Garronia National Security Force, Dimitri Korba. The first man she’s ever trusted… which makes him the most dangerous man of all.

Dimitri Korba’s greatest duty is to keep those in his care safe. Since losing his closest friend, he’s vowed that he will not fail another. Not even the haughty, foolhardy American blonde whom he can’t get out of his mind. And once Dimitri glimpses the terror Lauren hides behind her icily perfect façade, protecting her becomes his only goal.

Dimitri has no idea how far his commitment will take him, however, nor how powerful his need for Lauren will flare when she’s not only in his care, but in his arms. With each stolen moment, the danger around them intensifies, burning away every doubt…until all that remains is their fierce, unexpected passion. But will that be enough to save them?



Book one in the series, Courted: Gowns & Crowns , gave us our first taste of Lauren and Dimitri–sparks were definitely flying, despite their outward antagonism toward each other. Ms. Chance did a good job of isolating her two leads, literally plucking them out of court life and sticking them together on a tiny island, where their slow simmer turns to a downright conflagration.

Captured was a page turner–though portions of it moved a bit slowly at times, the chemistry between Lauren and Dimitri was great and the parts that dealt with the mystery surrounding Ari, the missing crown prince and Dimitri’s best friend, were riveting. (Dare we hope he’s the hero of book four? I’m more convinced than ever that he can’t possibly be dead. Ms. Chance just couldn’t do that to us. Or him.) The suspense part of the plot with Lauren’s stalkerish suitor were sufficiently creepy, especially toward the end.

Though book one had me wanting to take a visit to an imaginary country, this one made me want to out-and-out move to Dimitri’s small (also fictional, darn it) island. Irregular cellular access and lack of wifi or not, Lauren’s crazy if she doesn’t end up spending a lot of time there in the future.

The ending all happens pretty fast, sewing up all the lose ends and getting our hero and heroine to their HEA in record time. It’s one part of the book I would have liked to have seen slow down a bit, but since the end result was what I was hoping for so it’s hard to be too critical about the means.

Nikki and Stephan are next–can’t wait!

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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Be sure to check out COURTED, book #1 in the Gowns & Crowns series by award winning author Jennifer Chance!


Title: Courted
Author: Jennifer Chance
Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Series: Gowns & Crowns #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Length: 222 Pages
ISBN: 9781943768042


Aspiring concert violist Emmaline Aurora Grace Andrews is torn between her love of family and her love of music. A year ago, she deferred entering a prestigious graduate program to help her parents recover from a devastating accident. Now the deferment is expiring, but her parents still need her. Worse, every time she plays her audition piece, she mangles it. Is it too late to be the musician she’d always dreamed of? Should she even try?

Determined to get clarity, Emmaline accepts a friend’s offer for a whirlwind European vacation. First Stop: a real live fantasy kingdom—the perfect place to sort wishes from reality.

Prince Kristos Andris was a respected captain in his nation’s military… Was. In the wake of the tragic death of his elder brother, he’s managed to avoid his duties as the new Crown Prince of Garronia for months. But now he must accept his responsibilities and leave his troops behind. Outraged at the restrictions of his new royal position, he’ll do anything for one last adventure. So when opportunity suddenly lands in his arms in the form of a dreamy-eyed American girl, he embraces it (and her) for all he’s worth. What’s the harm in a quick fling, after all? It won’t change what he knows he must do…

Only this is Garronia in the summertime, where passion has a way of ruining even the most sensible of plans.


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About Jennifer Chance: 902089

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series as well as the modern royals Gowns & Crowns series. You can find her online at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @Jenn_Chance.


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