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Release Day Review! BODY CHECK by Teagan Hunter (Seattle Serpents #1)

Body Check by Teagan Hunter is now live!

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I have two goals this season:
Be named captain of the Seattle Serpents.
Stay single.

I’m right on track…until she happens.

Auden Sinclair.

We’re stuck together for a night when our plane is forced to make an emergency landing, and that’s all the promise we make—one night, then we go our separate ways.

Except she pops up again.

Then again.

Suddenly, she’s everywhere. In my head and in my bed, completely taking over my life and ruining all my plans with her quippy comebacks, her smarts, and a body that fits against mine just perfectly.

The problem? Auden is off limits. Forbidden. Strictly in the DO NOT TOUCH zone. She goes against all the rules, but never have I wanted to bend them as badly as I do when it comes to her.

This might be one battle I’m not going to win…


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This was…OK. I really liked the text messages of the Serpent Singles club (they’re not a club! Except maybe they are) and the camaraderie between the guys. The HEA was sweet, and of course it’s a hockey romance. Hutch and Auden were good together and had excellent chemistry. All good things.

But…I also had some issues.

I was mostly OK with suspending belief that an under-30 could have started a hotel franchise all on her own and already be a billionaire–I mean, Harlequin heroes do it all the time (not that I don’t have a problem with them too, because really?). It’s a bit out there, but not unheard of in the genre.

I read a lot of hockey romance–though this is the first from this author–and I have to say that I think this is the first time I’ve read one that took place during the season where the *only* other players that were mentioned or given any real page time were the ones in the hero’s friend group, his fellow single players. He mentioned at the start that the rest of the players were in relationships, but honestly except for maybe saying the current captain’s name once, I can’t recall hearing any other player names other than the guys on his group text. I get it, they’re going to be future book heroes, but there are other team players. It’s a team sport. It was just odd.

Does a hockey team partnering up with a hotel chain *really* need to put a no fraternization clause in their contract? It seems a bit excessive. Does the team think their players are all such dogs they’ll sleep with all available staff in every city? Or the hotels think their staff will throw themselves at the players while working? Maybe it is standard–really, what do I know?–but it seems not really necessary other than for plot.

And, ugh–the whole third act breakup was 110% not necessary. These are grown adults perfectly capable of talking to one another–why in the name of hockey aren’t they?

How are we supposed to believe that they both consider the other person to be the person they want to share everything with when neither of them is willing to start a freaking conversation about something so important to them???

And…I’m sorry. She wasn’t the one who needed to do any kind of gesture here, grand or otherwise. He was the one with his head up his posterior region. He’s darn lucky she was willing to put in the effort he wasn’t.

TL; DR: cute couple, nice HEA, hockey. But the journey from meet cute in an airport to that HEA was just a little too obscured with WTF for me to totally get on board. I’m not ruling out another book in the series, though…yet.

Rating: 3 stars / C+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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About the author:

TEAGAN HUNTER writes steamy romantic comedies with lots of sarcasm and a side of heart. She loves pizza, hockey, and romance novels, though not in that order. When not writing, you can find her watching entirely too many hours of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, or New Girl. She’s mildly obsessed with Halloween and prefers cooler weather. She married her high school sweetheart, and they currently live in the PNW.

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