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New Release Review! DUKE I’D LIKE TO F- A Historical Romance Anthology

Duke I'd Like To F- A Historical Romance Anthology cover
Sierra Simone
Joanna Shupe
Eva Leigh
Nicola Davidson
Adirana Herrera

He’s got big duke energy…

“The Chasing of Eleanor Vane” by Sierra Simone
Ajax Dartham, the Duke of Jarrell, has a problem. And that problem is his future niece-in-law. When the clever and capable Lady Eleanor Vane—understandably—runs off into the night rather than marry his horrible nephew, the Duke has a choice. Should he catch Eleanor and return her to her fate—or make Eleanor his own instead?

“My Dirty Duke” by Joanna Shupe
Violet knows that her father’s best friend, the Duke of Ravensthorpe, is the most powerful man in all of London with a reputation for sin. But nothing can stop Violet from wanting to shed her wallflower ways and fulfill her darkest, most forbidden desires…even if it means seducing a man twice her age.

“An Education In Pleasure” by Eva Leigh
As a governess to the Duke of Tarrington, Cecilia Holme resigns herself to a passionless life. Except now the old duke is dead and Owen, the new duke, is very tempting—and much younger. Is the chance to give Owen an education in pleasure too enticing to refuse?

“Duke For Hire” by Nicola Davidson
As her fiery clergyman father chases away all suitors, Miss Ada Blair is resigned to spinsterhood. Yet while she can’t wed, bedding might be another matter. One man meets all her requirements for a discreet and expert pleasure tutor—Jasper Muir, Duke of Gilroy—but he insists on a very wicked contract…

“The Duke Makes Me Feel…” by Adriana Herrera
Dukes and their demands are nothing new for Marena Baine-Torres. Her newfound success has her little apothecary teeming with ill-mannered aristocrats. But as tiresome as they are, she needs the business. When the unflappable Duke of Linley storms into her shop and makes her an offer she’d be a fool to refuse, Marena soon finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime with a man who is as infuriating as he is intriguing.

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OMFG, they’re not kidding with the “I’d Like to F…” portion of these stories! They will *definitely* keep you warm on a cool it’s-autumn-but-it-obviously-thinks-it’s-winter day. There’s something here for just about everyone–May-September romances (including one that’s the reverse of the norm, can I get an amen?); the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one; the virgin who hires a most reasonably priced duke to (naturally) show her pleasure; and everyone’s favorite, enemies-to-lovers (okay, it’s more of a very healthy distrust than true enemies, but the vibes are there)–truly, there isn’t a bad story in this bunch.

And–of course–there is more than one very, very dirty duke here too.


“The Chasing of Eleanor Vane” by Sierra Simone
This one is so, so hot–all the hype over Ms Simone’s writing is obviously well deserved. Eleanor and Ajax’s story packs equal amounts of steam and angst–she honestly had me worried for a bit there if they really would find their HEA, because *shakes head sadly* dukes can apparently be very, very dense–but OMG did Ms Simone manage to bring it in the end. This may have been my first story from her, but it absolutely won’t be my last.

“My Dirty Duke” by Joanna Shupe
Even as the age difference here gave me pause, I still wanted Violet and Max to find a way to be together–because, wow. Ms Shupe made it work, and made it very, very hot.

“An Education In Pleasure” by Eva Leigh

“Duke For Hire” by Nicola Davidson
This one was as lovely as it was hot–I honestly don’t know how Ms Davidson managed it, but I am absolutely not complaining. <3 Jasper and Ada were fantastic together. Also, I am apparently incapable of reading the words “Grand Cock Plan” without giggling–where can I get my own reasonably-priced duke for hire, please? 😉

“The Duke Makes Me Feel…” by Adriana Herrera
Marena and Arlo’s story was fun–I loved the independent apothecary and the smitten duke who wasn’t about to take no for an answer. (I mean, ultimately he would if he had to–he wasn’t that kind of duke. But look at that title…did we think he was going to have to? Of course not.)

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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