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New Release Review! THE SCOUNDREL IN HER BED by Lorraine Heath (Sins for All Seasons #3)

The Scoundrel in Her Bed

A new standalone romance in the Sins for All Seasons series by Lorraine Heath

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The Scoundrel in Her Bed
by Lorraine Heath
Series: Sins For All Seasons
Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: February 26, 2019

The bastard son of a nobleman, Finn Trewlove was a shameful secret raised by a stranger. As Finn came of age he had secrets, too–the clandestine nights spent with an earl’s daughter. But her promise of forever ended in betrayal.

Driven by a past that haunts her, Lady Lavinia Kent seeks redemption in London’s underworld, engaged in a daring cause inspired by the young man to whom she gave her innocence, and who then proved himself a scoundrel by abandoning her.

When their paths cross again, they can’t deny the yearning and desire that still burns. As they discover the truth behind the deceptions that tore them apart, Finn and Lavinia must fight to reclaim what they’ve lost, no matter how dangerous—because love is worth the risk….

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“I could take you right here . . .against the wall, a trellis, on the ground.”

“And if we were discovered . . .” She couldn’t even begin to imagine the dire consequences that would follow. He wasn’t a nobleman, and what her father might do to him didn’t bear thinking about.

“It wouldn’t go well.”

When his mouth once again began a slow and sensual sojourn along her throat, she whispered, “Not against a wall or a trellis or on the ground. But in a bed.”

“What are you saying, Vivi?”

“I want you, Finn. I love you. Make me yours, tonight. Ruin me for anyone else . . .”
"I want you, Finn. I love you. Make me yours, tonight. Ruin me for anyone else..."


How on earth have I missed this series? Must go back and read the first two, because I need more Trewlove(s) in my life… 😉

The Scoundrel in Her Bed is a second chance romance, which can be tricky to pull off. To be honest, I wasn’t at all sure for the first part of the book that Ms. Heath could convincingly show how they were originally separated in a way that would allow each to have blamed the other for eight years, firmly convinced that they had been left by the other person when in reality neither was to blame. Thankfully, she pulled it off–though we don’t even really start to get the details until about a third of the way in.

I thought Ms. Heath did an excellent job of showing how the past eight years have changed Lavinia and Finn–they’re not the same people they were when they first met and (slowly, thank goodness–they were so young!) fell in love. I also appreciated that she had them both wonder at times if they even could have made it back then, had their original plans worked (very much up in the air; they both needed those years apart to grow up); it felt very realistic. I loved the cause that Lavinia ended up devoting her life to, even though how she originally carried out her plans was beyond risky–how Ms. Heath has her realize her dream in the end was brilliant. (And I give her a standing ovation for the difficult choice she has Vivi make along the way–it was absolutely the right one, and she made it just in time.)

Besides Vivi and Finn together, some of the best parts of this book are watching all of the Trewlove siblings together–I can’t wait to watch as all of the siblings find their HEA!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Lorainne Heath author photo

LORRAINE HEATH always dreamed of being a writer. After graduating from the University of Texas, she wrote training manuals, press releases, articles, and computer code, but something was always missing. When she read a romance novel, she not only became hooked on the genre, but quickly realized what her writing lacked: rebels, scoundrels, and rogues. She’s been writing about them ever since. Her work has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including RWA’s prestigious RITA. Her novels have appeared on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists.


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